Containers produced with welding-free construction technology and bolt nut connections can be produced as one-storey, two-storey and three-storey according to the geographical features of the place to be used and the purpose of use.

Containers are produced according to their purpose of Use, place of Use and manner of use. Electrical and sanitary installations are projected under or above plaster according to the preference. Apart from standard flat roof applications, pitched roof solutions are also used in cases requiring additional roofing.

Standard container products are produced in two different sizes as 3.00×7.00 m and 2.40×6.00 m. Multiple-storey buildings in camp and construction site structures can be positioned by combining standard containers. In addition, the necessary static calculations can be made in accordance with the needs and demands of the customers and the production of special sized containers can be realized according to their suitability.

Monoblock Panel System

It is a production system that is ready to be shipped with the completion of all production of the container types to be used in the factory environment. Installation of all building elements is completed in the factory environment and loading and shipping operations are carried out in this way.

  • Its production is rapid.
  • Is the low cost.
  • It shows durability in different climatic conditions.
  • It has a higher strength than other varieties with its welding-free combination.
  • It is resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes.
  • Does not burn with Fibercement sheets, is not affected by water.
  • Are of the highest quality.
  • Shipping is easy.
  • It is used many times.
  • Provides ease of installation and installation.

Mobilization Solutions

Nova Steel, professional firms for roof truss, beam supporting columns, stairs, roof and ceiling panels, wall panels, light steel structural elements such as produce fast, economical and accurate solutions.

  • Production Of Prefabricated Roof Trusses
  • Production Of Prefabricated Roof Lovers
  • Prefabricated Building H Profile Production
  • Prefabricated Construction Bonding Panel Production
  • Prefabricated Building C and U profile production

In addition, our company is very experienced in construction site installation. It has gained a respectable place in the sector in a short period of time with the projects it has signed both at home and abroad.