Lightweight Steel Villa Solutions

Galvanized light steel construction construction technology is used luxury light steel villas, aesthetic views make a difference. Nova Steell’ s superior technology and Production Assurance and professional team in the field, considering the demands and needs of its customers prepared light steel villa solutions stand out with its durability.

Facade Cladding In Light Steel Villas

The exterior of the light steel villa structures is applied according to your choice with different designs and different cutting techniques from the alternative market exocephe coatings such as betopan, yalıpan and so on.

Insulation In Light Steel Villas

Nova Steell ‘ brand produced with the light steel villas heat and sound insulation by considering the construction components are detailed. It aims to reduce energy consumption costs to a minimum.

  • Light Steel Villa Features
  • Provides sound and heat insulation.
  • Reduces energy consumption costs.
  • It is earthquake resistant.
  • The installation process is fast.
  • He’s eco-friendly.
  • Construction process costs are low.
  • It offers sustainable solutions.