Light steel structure is especially mixed with prefabricated structure type in our country. However, the prefabricated structure and the lightweight steel structure are two different types of structures that have significant differences systemically.

Prefabricated buildings in the simplest terms; parts of the factory prepared in advance and combined structures are called. The most important feature of prefabricated buildings is that they are economical. The fact that the materials are obtained from fabricated sources, that they are more cost-effective and can be done than on-site production, that the installation can be planned in advance and built in a short time if needed or that they can be dismantled again is one of the advantageous features of such structures. The removal of the manufactured parts from a single die is also among the factors that reduce the cost.

Prefabricated buildings, sandwich Panel, (EPS) called two layers of painted galvanized sheet or aluminum sheet between various thickness and density polyurethane injection made by applying composite roof and facade coating material has the roof and walls.

‘Steel structure or prefabricated structure should be preferred?’

There is a preference in this regard for the need entirely.

Prefabricated buildings, life containers, temporary construction site building, modular cabins, such as a type of structure with limited use and time period.
Steel structures, on the other hand, are permanent structures with large spans ranging from industrial buildings to multi-storey houses.

The main carrier in steel construction structures are steel columns. But in prefabricated houses it often serves as a carrier of wall panels.

In steel structures, roofing, interior and exterior walls can be insulated according to the project with wide coating options. However, in prefabricated buildings, the walls are made up of ready-made sandwich panels, so it is more difficult to obtain the required insulation values in terms of heat and sound permeability.

Steel construction structures, unlike prefabricated structures, are permanent residential-grade structures that do not require maintenance for many years, where no attrition occurs.