A Completely Controlled Process

In light steel structures, the entire production process, from design to turnkey process, is under control. Light steel structures are now the first choice in many economies around the world, as there are no months of construction, damage to the environment, unnecessary labor and energy expenditures in other types of buildings.

1. Design and static calculations

In Computer Aided Design programs, the project is designed in 3D, static calculations are made and then parsed to be produced as a 2D profile.

2. Production

Using high quality galvanized steel sheet, the entire project is produced quickly in the form of C profiles without margin of error.

3. Installation

2D Assembly of profiles is performed in the factory.

4. Shipping

The project is properly packaged and set out for installation.

5. Field Assembly

The construction site is set up by our technical team in accordance with the project.

A quick and flawless result

Save time and save unnecessary costs with a fast and seamless job delivery process.